Did you know that we waste more than 30 minutes a day searching for specific information that helps us make design decisions? 

Just think about how many times you’re working in Revit and have to switch windows to sift through emails or file folders for a specific measurement or photo. 

Now, imagine if you could access that specific piece of data or file right in Revit. Wouldn’t that be amazing? I can tell you first hand that with Layer’s new Revit Add-in 2.0, it is amazing

So, what’s included with the new Revit Add-in 2.0? First off, Layer will now be a dockable window within Revit, so you will see everything in Layer alongside your model instantly. 

Secondly, is that you will now be able to edit Revit parameters directly in Layer. Did you record field data that is more accurate in Layer than in your Revit model? No problem, just push those changes to Revit. Combined with our new two-way navigation functionality, accessing the information you need when you need it has never been easier. 

There are a ton of other new features that we can’t wait to show you! Sign-up and download Layer’s Revit Add-in 2.0 on October 29th at www.layer.team. If you want to early access to the add-in, schedule an exclusive preview demo with the Layer team.