BIM Coordination made more efficient

Build confidently with instant access to rich building data right in Revit


One Channel for Coordinating BIM


1. Access

Find the answers you need instantly with one-click access to field data and files right in Revit


2. Coordinate

Coordinate issues with teams efficiently with team communication organized by its context


3. Document

Track who is doing what and when with an in-app task manager and change report for Revit

View field data, photos, and cut sheets right in Revit


Two Way Navigation

Instant access to building data

Select any Layer element and see its location in Revit with bilateral navigation between Revit and Layer


Revit Model Viewer

Access the model from anywhere

Give everyone access to the Revit model with Layer’s mobile-friendly model viewer that connects everyone to Revit


Synced Parameters

Save time switching programs

Resolve discrepancies and match elements to their building data with the ability to edit Revit elements directly in Layer


Multiple Models

Work seamlessly with big teams

Manage complex projects from one dashboard with the ability to add multiple Revit models to a Layer project at any time

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