Layer connects the information you need to design to the tool used to create the design

  • View captured building data in Revit
  • Create contextual files, notes, and tasks
  • Communicate with teams in real-time
  • Elegant and intuitive interface

View the building information you need with one click

One platform to capture, organize, and share building data that you can view instantly in Revit


Collect Building Data in Context

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and folders. 
Layer’s Flexible Fields and Files make it easy to create robust rich data forms and photo surveys that can be viewed instantly in Revit. 

Work Collaboratively around Revit

Stop losing important info in the inbox.
Layer’s Smart Docs and Tasks create a seamless pipeline of communication between PMs attending meetings and teams working in Revit.

Share Knowledge Instantly

Keep everyone in sync and on the same page.
Layer’s automatic syncing gets team members in the office and onsite up to speed instantly with the most accurate overview of a project.

Smart & Simple

Drawing Markups

Layer’s PDF/DWG Markup Tool makes redlining photos, documents, and drawings fast and easy.

Share and view markups instantly in the context of the Revit model.

Why Layer?

“Layer maximized our efficiency. You wouldn’t believe how much time you spend looking for photos and notes until you don’t have to anymore. Data collected for a project is only valuable if it is accessible. With Layer, the information was always in front of us.

Plus, when new team members and consultants joined the project, Layer was a rich archive that provided them a deeper understanding of the building’s complexities which would have taken countless hours to explain.”

Adam Sitzmann, Project Manager, Nebraska State Capitol

“Layer is one of the smartest applications I’ve seen in years, making great use of modern technologies in both modern hardware and software, offering a flexible project management system that works from design, construction, down to operations phases.”

Anthony Frausto-Robledo, AIA, LEED AP, Architosh

“Layer is very impressive and intuitive. When you see that a conversation about the color of a flooring material in a specific room in a specific building can be found in seconds and that can happen over and over all day long, it’s amazing how much time and money using Layer would save.”

Mark LePage, AIA, Founder, EntreArchitect

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