From facility audits to historic preservation reports, Layer is a single tool that can help your team collaborate while creating a clear picture for clients and facility managers of their properties.


Create a comprehensive view of your project to share across teams.

Custom Data Fields

Track key building information and create wish lists of program areas with fields designed specifically for building data.

Photo Gallery

Visually document and tag existing building conditions or upload inspiration photos that can be associated with building programs.

Notes & Tasks

Notate the model and create contextual to-do lists in the field or in a meeting.


Organize and control your building’s data from a single platform – on the go or at your desk.

Seamless Transitions

Move from pre-design and programming into schematic and design development by attaching building data to a working Revit model.

Smart Meetings

Create searchable meeting notes and distribute context-specific tasks so important information doesn’t get lost in the inbox.

Version Control

Instantly know who has made updates and changes to your Revit model and capture a snapshot of a building’s design history.

Mood Boards

Take the app to trade shows to manage photos, track products by room, and communicate with your team back in the office.


Pull communication out of the inbox and into the open with easy tools the clients and partners can access.


Give clients and end users a simple and quick way to view design ideas without opening a drawing.


Allow contractors and consultants to access important building data for estimating and identifying and resolving issues before they become problems.


Create a seamless pipeline of information between project managers who are attending the meetings and team members who are working in Revit.

Customize Layer to Your Needs

Layer’s flexibility means it can be tailored to almost any situation or project, making it easy to scale for projects of all sizes.


Create a more efficient document and design process with a go-anywhere platform.


Streamline your building maintenance with one tool for your whole team.

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