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One Flexible Tool for Formatting Data

Format freely without third-party software or extra fees for changes.

Easy, intuitive formatting

Drag and drop all types of data, including Revit data, into one document without leaving Layer.


A format for all your needs

Capture data once and create custom documents of any type or size with just a few clicks.


Everyone on the same page

Keep everyone in the loop with easy-to-export PDFs and shareable links to documents.

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What kind of documents can I make?

The applications for Document View are endless. Room Data Sheets. FF&E Specs. Design Presentations. Field Reports. We even have pre-built templates for key design workflows.

Can I save a document as a template?

Yes, save any document as a template for you or your team for future use. Get started fast with our pre-built templates for FF&E Spec Sheets, Room Data Sheets, and more!

Do I need extra software to create formatted documents?

No extra software is needed to create and format documents. All you need is Layer (starting at $39/month).

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