Layer streamlines facilities maintenance and team communication

  • Capture and assign work orders
  • Organize and manage assets
  • Schedule preventative maintenance
  • Communicate with teams in real-time
  • Connect everything to BIM

Smart & Flexible Facilities Management


Work Orders

Create a seamless channel between the person requesting maintenance to the person completing the work order. Use Layer Tasks with notifications to know when a job is complete.

Asset Management

Be proactive and organized with asset documentation in one place that’s accessible at anytime from anywhereUse Layer Files to keep instructional manuals or videos at your fingertips.

Tenant Improvement

Document before and after conditions to keep tenants accountable and your bottom line in check. Use Layer custom data fields and photos to track building conditions with accuracy.


Manage maintenance teams effectively without losing issues and tasks in the inbox.


See maintenance patterns and target issues before they become major problems.

Plan for the Future

Leverage building information for time savings when designing and constructing new projects.

Why Layer?

“You wouldn’t believe how much time you spend looking for photos and notes until you don’t have to anymore. Data collected for a project is only valuable if it is accessible. With Layer, the information was always in front of us.”

Adam Sitzmann, Project Manager, Nebraska State Capitol

“Layer is one of the smartest applications I’ve seen in years, making great use of modern technologies in both modern hardware and software, offering a flexible project management system that works from design, construction, down to operations phases.”

Anthony Frausto-Robledo, AIA, LEED AP, Architosh

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