Five Things to Look for in a Loan Site Inspection App

The right app will help you bring order to documentation, notes, and even photos.

Banking is still a paper-based industry. But some banks have begun to turn away from “old school” methods of banking in light of easier, more modern solutions that can streamline processes—like property inspections for loan officers. In a world where 3.5 billion people own a smartphone, it’s no secret that we appreciate modern tech. And if there was tech that could make site inspections faster and more efficient, you’d want to hear about it, wouldn’t you?

The right app brings order to documentation, checklists, notes, and even photos, in turn saving you time otherwise spent with a clipboard, backfilling spreadsheets, and downloading photos. But not all loan site inspection apps are created equal. Before selecting a product, research to ensure it fits the unique needs of your bank. Here are five things to examine before purchasing a Commercial Loan Inspection app:

Enhanced Communication

Good loan site inspection apps will include a tag feature and messaging. It should also let you easily allocate information with individuals outside of the bank. Being able to share data without exporting it will not only increase productivity, it will save time. That being said, being able to export information is critical—so make sure the app you choose offers this technology, too.

File Items by Context

Your site inspection app should allow you to say goodbye to the endless burden of redundant work. A good app will file items by context as you capture important data. Essentially, you’ll only need to capture data once using the app. There is no need to perform double duty by capturing information on site before transposing and downloading everything back in your office.

Organization and Searchability

Digital organization through a great app means that you will not need to scroll through spreadsheets or search for photos on a file server. Most importantly, a good app design allows a new employee to pick up where someone else has left off. So whether a loan is changing hands or someone leaves their role, it’s easy to bring a commercial site’s new handler up to speed.

No Core Connection Required

The core connection to your bank is great when it comes to customer accounts and private data— it provides necessary and wanted security. That being said, having to connect to your bank’s core can be a burden when using an app for your site visits. Cut some red tape by selecting an app that doesn’t need to link back to any of the bank’s client information or sensitive data.


Cost is always going to be a consideration when it comes to any type of app—rightfully so! Be sure to select a product that offers what you need when you need it. In addition to price, consider what you get during the onboarding process, how much time will be saved, and research customer support responsiveness.

Why Layer?

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