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New Features in Layer

New Features in Layer

It’s been an amazing month since we launched Layer and we’ve been soaking up all of the incredible feedback. The enthusiasm and support has been overwhelming and is pushing us to create an even better product for you.

What’s new in Layer?
Layer Docs: Keep important notes and tasks out of the inbox with smart, shareable text docs that enable users to tag people and elements within the document.

Reports: Share data, create accurate punchlists, and perform QA/QC; the possibilities are endless with robust reporting tools that enable users to export data directly to CSV.

File Search: Stop losing valuable files in the inbox and use Layer to manage shared photos, drawings, even text documents, that are all completely searchable.

What can I expect next?
We can’t wait to roll out new features like In-App PDF/DWG Viewing and Editing, Element Title Templates, New Person and New Date Fields, and much more!

p.s. Stay tuned for a special pricing announcement coming soon!

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