What's New in Layer: January 2021

See what's new in the latest release of Layer!

New Revit Add-in

We've made some big improvements to our Revit Add-in, which include better support for Revit Type Parameters. You will also now be able to filter, sort, and display Revit Parameters in Saved Views right in Layer, making it even easier to connect non-Revit users to Revit.

To take advantage of these improvements, make sure to download the new Layer Revit Add-inYou can also find instructions for installing the Layer Revit Add-in here.

Auto Lookup Fields

As most of you know, one of the chief benefits of Layer is that it allows you to connect data stored outside of Revit directly to Revit elements.

But what if you have a large number of elements that need to be connected?

Instead of connecting each element manually, Layer's new Auto Lookup Field functionality will help you connect data efficiently and predictably.

How do Auto Lookup Fields work?
Create a new Lookup Field and then configure it to automatically query and aggregate Elements in another Category based on the criteria that you select.

A. Select the field in the current Category to match to a field in the target Category
B. Select the target Category
C. Select the field in the target Category to match the field you selected in Step A
D. Select the field which will be displayed in the Lookup field

What can I use Auto Lookup Fields for?
As we mentioned above, Auto Lookup Fields are useful for connecting large amounts of data to Revit elements. This is especially handy for element-heavy FF&E workflows like managing furniture and equipment catalogs.

Want more info?
Here's a step-by-step guide to setting up Auto Lookup Fields or hop on a quick call with our customer success team.

File Upload UI Improvements

Did you know that you can use Layer offline? Well, Offline Support is one of our most requested and used features. And we've made it even better with a clearer UI that ensures you've captured what you need onsite. It's all in the details, right?

File upload status while files are still uploading when connected to WiFi

File upload status when working offline

File upload status completed upon connecting to WiFi

Learn more about Offline Support here >

Other Improvements

  • Drag and drop Categories to re-order
  • Allow Project Editors to attach a Revit model
  • Allow users to automatically join a company based on email domain

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with Element numbers not being set properly upon Element creation
  • Stability improvements to PDF annotation storage
  • Mobile UI improvements to Project page after creating a Project from scratch
  • Fixed select field options to better handle long text values
  • Fixed minor UI bugs in Table View

How do I get this new release of Layer?

If you're already an awesome Layer user, just log in to your Layer account and refresh your window after login. You don't need to do anything if you have your iOS or Android apps set to update automatically. If not, just update Layer manually through the app store.

Not a Layer user? Start a free 30-day trial or sign up for a short demo ↓

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