What's New in Layer: June 2022

See what's new in the latest release of Layer!

We're busy working on some good stuff in July. Stay tuned!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed font inconsistencies in Document View between the app view and the generated PDF
  • Fixed issue with incorrectly repeated headers in a generated Document View PDF
  • Fixed importing of Generic Model categories from Revit to safely handle nested element instances
  • Enabled auto-detection of certain network conditions to resolve data loading issues when running the app behind certain network firewalls
  • Fixed Excel import to safely handle element names containing a string
  • Fixed ability to revert Person field values from the Activity log
  • Fixed automation creation to safely handle creation of disabled animations
  • Fixed aggregation formatting issue with certain Lookup Field values in document view
  • Fixed Lookup Fields to properly support displaying Related Element Field values in Lookups
  • Fixed Revit Add-in project → model lookup to better support models uploaded with varying .rvt filenames
  • Fixed Revit add-in Parameter Sync to safely handle elements that are missing from the model
  • Fixed Revit Add-in Parameter Sync to safely handle parameters containing a hyphen in the name

How do I get this new release of Layer?

If you're already an awesome Layer user, just log in to your Layer account and refresh your window after login. You don't need to do anything if you have your iOS or Android apps set to update automatically. If not, just update Layer manually through the app store.

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