What's New in Layer: May 2022

See what's new in the latest release of Layer!

1. New and Improved Table View

Table view is now faster and more responsive. We have updated Table View to be the default view used in categories (replacing Gallery View). By default, the default Table View will display the first five fields in your category.

2. Added multi-select support to Person Fields

Person fields now allow for selecting multiple people. Newly added users will still receive a push notification.

3. Simplified keyboard navigation in Text Area Fields

When tabbing between Text Area Fields, the field will receive focus before the text area controls

4. Toggle sorting of Lookup values in Document View

In the block settings for a Lookup Field in Document View, we’ve added an option to sort the Lookup values alphabetically. By default, the values will be sorted by their corresponding Related Element Field value (for manual Lookup) or they are unsorted (for Auto-Lookup).

5. Added bulk edit support for Select fields

Select Fields can now be updated in bulk in Table View.

6. Revit 2023 Support

The latest version (3.2.0) of Layer's Revit Add-in supports Revit 2023. Visit https://layer.team/download to download this version.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed tours not working when the side navigation panel is closed
  • Fixed issue with the side navigation panel collapsing in larger screen sizes
  • Fixed Revit Parameter fields to safely handle missing definitions
  • Fixed issue with downloading PDFs larger than 10 MB
  • Fixed issue with locally Saved View settings not updating properly on field deletion
  • Prevent Auto-Lookup Fields from displaying archived elements
  • Fixed inconsistent element sorting between Saved Views

How do I get this new release of Layer?

If you're already an awesome Layer user, just log in to your Layer account and refresh your window after login. You don't need to do anything if you have your iOS or Android apps set to update automatically. If not, just update Layer manually through the app store.

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