How to Choose the Best Work Order System for Your Facilities Management Team

layer-app-blog-How to Choose the Best Work Order System for Your FM Team

How can a work order system help you do more with fewer resources?

You care about your facility and your team. But these days, you’re being asked to do a lot more within your organization—using fewer resources than ever. So, the question is, how do you meet demand, keep everything running smoothly, and take care of your workers? The answer may be as simple as implementing an easy-to-learn, versatile new work order system.

What is a Work Order System?

Before we dive too deep into this, let’s make sure we’re on the same page. A work order system is a key component of a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) that is software that allows facilities teams to keep track of an organization’s maintenance operations including work orders, maintenance data, and record-keeping.

But before you choose the right one for you, consider if the CMMS software you’re looking to purchase has the following features: 

Ability to Take Photos

Taking photos of problematic infrastructure or equipment makes locating and tending to the issue a lot faster. And when an app provides you the ability to capture and markup photos without requiring a separate software or uploading method, it’s less likely that valuable information will get lost in an inbox or on a file server. So instead of resorting to software that requires you to attach photos to work orders as a separate moving part, rely on a more efficient system designed to take photos directly through the software.

Easy to Submit

When a work order system requires multiple steps to submit a ticket, it’s more likely a job will get lost or significantly delayed. And that isn’t something that needs to happen to you or your reliable team!

A good system allows all moving parts of your work order—description of the issue, photos, additional files, tags—to be combined rather than making them separate steps. You can take work orders a step further by using an app like Layer which creates separate public URLs for each floor of your building, allowing end-users to submit their own tickets to the system without going through a complicated call or email system.

Assign Tickets. Set Due Dates

Working quickly and effectively is a key ingredient for successful facilities teams. An automated filter and tag feature within your work order software would allow you to automatically assign jobs to certain team members and set deadlines.

Consider also that this feature would let you easily push and rearrange assignments if one member of your team becomes overloaded or calls in sick, ensuring your work still gets done on time.

See Results

Sometimes, it becomes inefficient to continue fixing something that won’t stay fixed! And when you want to see work order history, including team members that have worked specific assignments as well as the date the last fix was completed, it should be easy to do. The right work order software will give you that option, ensuring you can report the information you need should you want to present a different option to your boss the next time a repeat work order comes through.

Keep Using Your Favorite Tech

When your work order system can make use of technology that is already widely available—scanning barcodes from your mobile phone’s camera for instance—it makes life as a facilities manager much easier. Don’t reinvent the wheel by trying to find a work order system that has multiple one-use options. Instead, choose one that can integrate with other technology you already have and use frequently, making the learning curve less intimidating for your team.

All in One Place

The right work order system should bring order to things like critical documentation, checklists, notes, and even photos in one easy-to-use and mobile-friendly dashboard. Being able to access all of your information, even from your mobile phone, will ultimately save you time otherwise spent with cumbersome things like a clipboard, spreadsheets, and piles of unorganized photos in a desktop folder.  


The key to finding a work order system that feels sustainable for your facilities team is ensuring that it doesn’t dictate how you take your work orders. After all, you have a system in place—it only needs a bit of enhancement!

The right app will let you customize your current work order system and improve the areas you deem necessary, whereas the wrong one takes away your ability to adapt and ultimately steals your valuable time.

Integration Options

If your organization is using BIM software like Revit—and there’s a good chance of this—then it’s pivotal your CMMS can connect to it! Consider that when the right CMMS app makes this possible, you’re able to leverage your building’s data in a savvy new way.

Why Layer?

A work order app like Layer is easy-to-use, affordable and connects seamlessly with Revit, making us the ideal solution for your facilities team. Learn more >