How to Connect Meeting Minutes to Revit

You had the Zoom call last week. You thought you took good notes, but now you’re confused about which room a certain bullet point refers to.  

Now is the time to start taking meeting minutes that connect to Revit.

The Layer Docs text editor lets you tag Revit elements and team members while you type, creating an instant link that makes it easy to click from the meeting note right to the Revit element. 

Here’s how to get started:

1. Open Revit with the Layer Revit Add-in
Open Revit and use the Layer Add-in to access Layer. If you haven’t attached your Revit model to Layer, you’ll need to do that before creating a Layer Doc. Use these instructions to attach your model to Layer.

Don’t have the Layer Revit Add-in? Create a new Layer account and install the Layer Revit Add-in.

2. Create a new Layer Doc
Associate your Layer Doc with a specific Element by creating it within the Element. Layer Docs created within a specific Element will appear in the overall Files list in the Elements Dashboard.

Navigate to Files, select the + button in the lower right corner, then select the + Create Doc button which will open a new Layer Doc. Using the top navigation bar, give the Layer Doc a name. 

Tip: Need to specify a Layer Doc in the Element form? Just create a Files Field in the Element and attach the Layer Doc to that Field.

3. Type, format, and style text
Type the meeting minutes and use the secondary bar of editing tools to format and style the text. 

Tip: There is no need to save the Layer Doc since any changes will save and sync automatically.

4. Tag Elements
Use a # before the Element name to tag an existing Revit element that is linked to Layer. Team Members can now click on the tagged Element within the text to link directly to that specific Element and its location in Revit.

You can also tag a Team Member by adding an @ before their name. Tagged Team Members will receive a notification that they have been mentioned. 

Need assistance? No problem! Just reach out to our friendly support team at and they can help you get set up.

Layer connects the information you need to Revit.

Layer makes Meeting Minutes smarter and more efficient by keeping every piece of information and every team member exactly where they need to be: in the context of the building.