Introducing Quick Bytes

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Who doesn’t love food?

There are two things we’re passionate about at Layer: the first is helping awesome people like you work smarter with project data; the second is good food.

So we thought, why not combine the two?

Introducing Quick Bytes, short, digestible tips to kick your workflows up a notch. Dig in to our first one right now:

Quick Byte #1: Think like a chef

Workflows are like recipes that make up one big meal, aka your project. If have the right ingredients (your data), the right tools (Layer), and the right recipe (workflow), then you’re bound to create a delicious masterpiece. 

For example, you wouldn’t make a caprese salad with rotten tomatoes and a dull knife, it wouldn’t taste very good and it would take too long to make. So why design projects with out-of-date project data and a spreadsheet?

That’s why we recommend thinking like a chef. Use the freshest data and the sharpest tool to deliver the most appealing project in the right amount of time. Do that and everyone will be satisfied.

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