Room Data Sheets connected to Revit

Create a concise snapshot of your project with Room Data Sheet software linked directly to Revit


A Smarter Method for Room Data Sheets

Ditch the disconnected spreadsheets and file folders

1. Capture Once

Capture any kind of room data once and reference it over and over again. Photos. Area counts. Cut Sheets. Meeting notes. Everything.


2. Connect to Revit

Give your room data sheets context with our direct Revit integration. Accessible by everyone, even if they don’t know Revit. 


3. Report & Share

Keep everyone on the same page with shareable custom reports that are easy to build and don’t require third-party software.

Download our free Room Data Sheets Template

A Powerful Toolkit for Centralizing Room Data


Photo Capture

Document existing conditions efficiently with photo capture that organizes everything by its building context


Markup Tool

Give feedback in real-time with our in-app markup and commenting tool for images, PDFs, and DWG files


Custom Forms

Capture important data points accurately and efficiently with more than 20+ flexible form fields and widgets


Revit Integration

Connect and access all of your captured rich building data like measurements, photos, and tasks right in Revit

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