All the Right Features

Feature-rich and infinitely customizable, Layer provides a suite of tools to save time and increase efficiency and collaboration on almost any project.

Customize Layer to your Needs

Layer’s flexibility means it can be tailored to almost any situation or project, making it easy to scale for projects of all sizes.


Collaborate and create across teams and platforms for a streamlined workflow


Create a more efficient document and design process with a go-anywhere platform.


Streamline your building maintenance with one tool for your whole team.

A Customizable Workspace

Fine tune features to help make Layer work for you⏤whether you’re in the field or in the office.

custom fields

Create a wide array of customizable fields to capture and record data.

contextualized files

Attach relevant files such as images, PDFs, and more directly onto building elements within your model.

notes & messaging

Have contextual discussion within channels and elements to stay up-to-date with your team.


Assign tasks to team members, set due dates, and attach them to specific elements within your model.

activity log

Never lose context or data with a full history of activity, changes made, and more.


Layer works across devices and operating systems so you can stay updated in the field and at the office.

Custom Field Creation

Tailor your Layer project to fit your building’s needs. With customizable everything, no data goes uncaptured.

Smart Images

Image recognition tags photos automatically with whatever information you choose, making searching fast and accurate.

Keep Your History

Make a mistake? Layer keeps a full history of your work, so you never lose a thing.

Contextualized Data

Organize detailed building information like materials, photos, surveys, measurements, even notes and assigned tasks.

In-Model Access

The responsive heads-up display navigates to your data as you click through elements in your model.

Automatic Syncing

No need to sync your data. Layer automatically updates your Revit model, so you can work while your team surveys.


With iOS, Android, and web-based apps, your team will have everything they need, no matter what they use.

Robust Toolkit

Add files, assign tasks, take notes, and more—and get notified when something updates or changes.

Instant Updates

Update your team in real-time whether you’re on site or in the office.

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