FF&E Specification Excel Template

Download this free FF&E Specification Excel Template to organize your FF&E data, photos, cut sheets, and contacts.

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How to Use the FF&E Specification Excel Template:

Once you download the free FF&E Specification Excel template at the top of this page, you’re ready to customize the template for your project.

1. First, change the branding to match your own. You can put in your logo in the header and edit the company address and phone number in the footer.


2. Fill in the product info including the product name, images, manufacturer, and pricing.


3. Next, fill in the room data that where the products will be located. Include information like the client’s goals, how the room will be used, and more.


4. Then input manufacturer contact information so it’s easy to reference during the FF&E coordination process. If you’d like to associate products with a certain manufacturer, we recommend checking out a flexible database tool like Layer. Tools like these make it easy to create clickable links between data.


5. Remember to update the Revision Date and Revision No. when you need to make any changes and re-issue the FF&E Schedule or Room Data Sheet.


Download the free FF&E Specifications Excel Template to organize and track FF&E for your architecture and interior design projects.

Need a template linked to Revit? 


Why Use FF&E Specification Software Linked to Revit?

On a simple project, you can use a regular old Excel template to create your FF&E schedule. But over time, manual entry into a spreadsheet template can lead to mistakes and errors, particularly in large-scale projects.

This is exactly why firms are using FF&E specification software like Layer, to integrate their FF&E schedule directly with Revit.

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Get All Your FF&E Data in One Place

How much time have you lost searching for the same product online over and over again? Or looking up your furniture schedule in a folder structure that no one follows?

Layer helps you streamline your FF&E workflow by collecting all of your FF&E data inside of Revit, so you can spend less time searching and more time designing.

Having one source of truth that updates in real-time also means that everyone (from architects to interior designers) can be on the same page across your team.

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked what a product looks like in a client meeting. I no longer have to go searching for a catalog; now I simply use Layer to click on it in the model to see its photos and specs instantly.”

Louise Cupac, Founding Principal, Plus Parts FF&E
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Specify FF&E Seamlessly within Revit

One of our customers’ favorite feature in Layer is its ability to integrate directly with Revit. Within our Revit Add-in, you can connect FF&E types to the Revit model automatically and instantly see up-to-date quantities and locations of instances as the project progresses. 

Layer also makes it easy for non-Revit (and non-tech-savvy) users to access Revit data without ever opening Revit. This lets you have an accurate FF&E schedule in Revit or outside of Revit.

“Layer has streamlined our FF&E process significantly in comparison to our previous Excel-based approach. From design to documentation, Layer’s flexible database and direct connection to Revit has saved design staff hours of time producing accurate and complete FF&E deliverables.”

AnnMarie Jackson FASID, CHID, CID, EDAC, Healthcare Interior Designer

Build FF&E Presentations in Minutes

It takes a lot of billable hours to format your FF&E data into a presentable format. Especially when you’re designing for a large-scale project like a hospital or school where you have to specify tons of furniture.

With Layer, you can create simple presentations and export detailed reports with FF&E data in minutes, without third party software.

Ready to link your FF&E schedules to Revit? Schedule a time below to see how Layer can transform the way you manage FF&E.

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