Make Project Decisions with Confidence

Layer App helps you stay organized and avoid costly mistakes.

overwhelmed architect

Disconnected work steals time and headspace

Are you overwhelmed with:

✕ Too many channels
✕ Repetitive Tasks
✕ Tight Deadlines

These pressures result in project data you can’t trust.

Project data you can’t trust means you’re making mistakes and wasting time.

We hear you, we’ve been there too

Which is why we created Layer App

With Layer App, you can:


Be Connected

Access project data from one dashboard anytime, anywhere.


Stay Focused

Get more time to focus on the things only you can do.


Automate Work

Create automations for repetitive tasks and communication.

Layer App helps you make better project decisions

But don’t take our word for it…

“From heritage buildings to new construction, Layer works as a kit of parts to manage our data. It’s a highly flexible tool that adapts to your workflows and not the other way around.Their staff are available and truly care about the success of our projects.”

“Layer is very impressive and intuitive. When you see that a conversation about the flooring material in a specific room in a specific building can be found in seconds and that can happen over and over all day long, it’s amazing how much time and money using Layer would save.”

“We used Layer’s facility audit template to document the existing building conditions.Having photos easily accessible in Layer means saved time not searching through folders to find specific areas we were needing information on or traveling across town to look at the site in person.”

Avoid making mistakes with data you don’t trust.

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