At Layer, we’re building a better building lifecycle.

We believe that when everyone has access to the same set of building data, we make smarter decisions.

We reduce redundant work.
We communicate succinctly.
We design, build, and inhabit better buildings.

We know that every project is different.

Which is why we are building flexible, intuitive tools that help design and building teams stay organized and connected.


It’s hard finding the right tools. We’ve been there.

Layer was born out of a problem.

In 2017, Layer’s founder Zach Soflin, AIA, was conducting a detailed building survey of the Nebraska State Capitol. His team needed to document more than 1,300 rooms, 1,200 windows, with more than 57 data points per room.

Clipboards and spreadsheets weren’t going to cut it.

Which is how Layer was born.

Initially created as an image and data gathering app, Layer has since then evolved into the first and only flexible and mobile-friendly building management software linked directly to BIM.


“Innovative and Sleek”

layer-app-best-app-for-architects-press-1-the-architects-newspaper-2 (1)

“Best Design Tool"


Well designed and intuitive


“Too good not to try”


One of the smartest apps


Impressive and intuitive"


All-in-one connection tool


Increases project transparency

layer-app-best-app-for-architects-press-9-nebraska-innovation-grant-2 (1)

Innovation Grant Recipient

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LNK Launch Grant Recipient


Startup Competition Winner


Featured on Grow Lincoln