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Our story begins at the base of the Nebraska State Capitol. In 2017, Zach Soflin, AIA, was working at BVH Architecture on the phased interior rehabilitation of Bertram Goodhue’s iconic building. The project scope included a detailed survey of more than 1,300 rooms, 1,200 windows, and 57 data points per room.

The scale of the task was daunting. The project team needed a different approach to collecting and coordinating the vast amount of building data. Zach created Layer to help the team gather and manage data between the large consultant team and to “layer” that data onto the Revit model.

While Layer began as an in-house solution, the software has since evolved into one of the first and only flexible databases that connect directly to Revit. Used by AECO teams worldwide, Layer is an essential tool for projects of all scopes and sizes—taking project efficiency and team collaboration to a new level.

Leadership Team

Zach Soflin, AIA


Alex Koehler

Software Development

Jeffrey Eells

Business Development

Jessica Wyman



“Innovative and Sleek”

“Best Design Tool”

“Well designed and intuitive”

“Too good not to try”

“One of the smartest apps”

“Impressive and intuitive”

“All-in-one connection tool”


“Increases project transparency”

Innovation Grant Recipient

LNK Launch Grant Recipient

Startup Competition Winner

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