FF&E Example Project in Layer

Watch this short video to see Layer’s FF&E example coordination project in action.

Key Points in the FF&E Example Coordination Project

In this 4-minute video, architect Zach Soflin, AIA, demonstrates an alternative to disconnected FF&E coordination tools like spreadsheets and InDesign.

Here are the 5 key takeaways:

→ Store product specs, room data, and manufacturer info in one database. Cut sheets, room photos, and pricing information, can all be captured and organized in one place.

→ Estimate equipment and furnishings for each room. Calculate accurate costs for FF&E even as the design changes. Link to the Revit model for real-time accuracy.

→ View Revit data in Layer. Push model quantities and locations for FF&E and rooms into Layer. Write room and schedule data back to the Revit model.

→ View FF&E data in Revit. See FF&E data like photos, cut sheets, and pricing right in Revit. Easily search and find everything by its name, location, or vendor.

→ Create custom deliverables. Layer automatically fills in FF&E data into reports. Edit reports directly in Layer without copying into third-party software like InDesign. Export and share reports as PDF documents.

If you’d like to see the FF&E example project in action, schedule a short demo →

Layer App has streamlined our FF&E process significantly in comparison to our previous Excel-based approach.

Layer App’s flexible database and direct connection to Revit has saved design staff hours of time producing accurate and complete FF&E deliverables.

— AnnMarie Jackson, FASID, CHID, CID, EDAC, Healthcare Interior Designer