Intro to Layer App

In this 20-minute video, you'll learn how to organize project data so that it's always accessible, even in Revit. 

Watch the full video or browse the video chapters below. 

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1. Why Layer?

2. The Building Blocks of Layer: Projects, Categories & Elements

3. How to Customize Layer Fields

4. How to Add Data to Layer Fields

5. How to Use Saved Views in Layer

6. How to Use Drawing View in Layer

7. How to View Revit Data in Layer

8. How to View Layer Data in Revit

9. How to Create Reports with Layer Document View

10. How to Customize Layer Document View

11. How to Add a Plan Reference Thumbnail to a Report in Layer Document View

12. How to Add Fields to a Report in Layer Document View

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I see that I can use Layer App for Building Surveys. Can I use it for any other workflows?
Great question! Think of Layer App as your flexible toolkit that makes it easy to build custom workflows to the way you work. Work like Assessment Reports, Room Data Sheets, FF&E Coordination, Punch Lists and more.

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Q: Is our project data shared with a third party? 
Never. All Layer data is stored in the cloud and your project and personal data is yours. Layer will never mine, sell, share or harvest your personal or project data.

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Q: How much does Layer App cost?
Pricing plans start as low as $50/user per month. All plans come with free training and chat support.

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Q: How do I start using Layer App?
We're glad you asked! The first step is to schedule a short demo and discovery call. On this call, we'll discuss your needs, answer your questions, and see if Layer App is the right fit for your team. No pressure, we promise. 

If Layer App is the right fit, we'll process payment, schedule training, and strategize project set up. 

Q: Does your software connect to Revit?
Yes! Layer App has a direct integration with Revit. 

Q: How does that work? Can I view Revit model data in Layer App and vice versa?
Yes! You can do this in one of two ways:

The first is to download and install our Revit Add-in. With this direct link, you can view Revit data in Layer App and view Layer App data directly in Revit with our add-in panel. 

The second is to upload a model file directly to Layer App. This is handy when working with team members who don't use or have access to a Revit license. 

Revit data such as 3d views, sheets, and a log of all model objects can be pulled directly into Layer App. Revit element parameters and spatial relationships can also be viewed directly in Layer App.

Q: Can I edit Revit model data in Layer App?
Yes! With our Synced Parameters feature, you can update Revit parameters with Layer data. 

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Q: I've got more questions, who do I contact?
Message us here anytime and we'll get you answers! We're here to help you make informed decisions. 

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