Want more from your PDF Markup software?

Layer App is mobile and Mac friendly with direct integration to Revit.

Capture the data you need to design



Life beyond the PDFC

Link PDF Markups to project data, photos, even Revit elements


Markups with tasking

Keep projects moving with instant, shareable tasks and tracking


Any device or platform

Use on Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad & Android, in the app or browser

Access PDF markups right in Revit


Building Surveys

Capture once and with accuracy

Document diverse conditions in the field that teams can view instantly back at the office.


BIM Coordination

Capture once and with accuracy

Document diverse conditions in the field that teams can view instantly back at the office



View cut sheets right in Revit

Collaborate and coordinate with multidisciplinary teams around a model without knowing Revit.


Punch Lists

Document issues with efficiency

Capture issues quickly and export reports that can be shared with project stakeholders.

Say goodbye to dead-end markups.

The average architect wastes 6 hours a week looking for lost data.

Don’t be average. Use Layer.

Flexible, Intuitive & Mobile

Simplify your tech stack with Layer App

Drawing View

Use Layer App’s innovative multi-sheet Drawing View to quickly document walkthroughs with simple annotations linked to robust data.

Robust Toolkit

With Layer App’s image markup tool, get a complete suite of markup tools for any kind of image type, not just PDF files.

More than just Markups

Layer App is a flexible cloud-based database that connects to BIM. PDF Markups are part of a larger suite of tools for AECO professionals.

201209-Layer-iPad-Drawing-View-Facility-Audit (1)

“Our FF&E projects and clients require a high level of coordination and detailed customized approaches. Layer allows my team to be flexible and adaptable to suit these varying needs, no matter the project.”

- Louise Cupac, Plus Parts

“Layer dramatically increased our efficiency by helping us capture existing conditions data and photos accurately in one app. With Layer, our teams build trust and transparency knowing that the data was collected in one consistent format that can also be easily accessed in Revit.”

- Jason Chen, AIA, BIM Manager 

“Innovative and Sleek” 

Best Products of 2020

Architect Magazine

“I found Layer to be a well-designed application that is very intuitive to use. While it can be used as a standalone application, the Revit add-in is a huge plus for projects that are modeled in Revit.”

- Lachmi Khemlani, PhD, AEC Bytes 

“Layer is one of the smartest applications I’ve seen in years, making great use of modern technologies in both modern hardware and software, offering a flexible project management system that works from design, construction, down to operations phases.”

- Anthony Frausto-Robledo, AIA, LEED AP


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