Punch List Example in Layer

Watch this short video to see Layer’s Punch List example project in action.


Key Points in the Punch List Example

In this 4-minute video, architect Zach Soflin, AIA, demonstrates an alternative to disconnected punch list tools like cameras and documents.

Here are the 5 key takeaways:

→ Document what matters to you. Create a custom punch list form with any type of data like photos, drawing markups, and more.

→ Eliminate redundant documentation work. Capture site conditions and photos in one mobile app. No need to download and organize back at the office.

→ Reference Revit data in the field. Keep the Revit model and drawing set handy while documenting and reviewing work in the field.

→ Filter, assign, and share in a couple clicks. Sort and separate out issues for specific trades easily with robust filtering and sharing options.

→ Create customizable deliverables. Layer automatically fills in captured site data into the punch list report. Edit reports directly in Layer without copying into third-party software. Export reports as shareable PDF documents.

If you’d like to see a live demo of the punch list example project, schedule a short call to get started →

Layer made the documentation process so much easier. Without Layer App, it would have taken days of work just labeling and identifying pictures. We didn’t have that time and the result would have been a less accurate restoration.

— Stacy Loeffler, PE, SE, Principal