The Revit Model Viewer built for teams

Layer makes it easy to collaborate around the model without opening Revit

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Your model is the central source of truth

Now everyone can collaborate around it, even if they don’t know Revit

Different views for different tasks

Walkthrough the model or view only elements within a category. Layer provides the flexibility to see what you need, when you need it.


Filter and find information fast

Customize and get granular about what you see. Layer makes it easier to search and find model elements faster than you can in Revit.

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See everything in its context

Select a Revit element and see it up close. Use Layer to swivel, section, and measure elements to find the answers you need on the fly.

Flexible functionality for busy teams

Every project is different. Every team is different. We’ve got you covered.
210406-Layer App-Revit Model Viewer-1-Linked Models

Linked Models

Upload more than one model

Confidently view complex projects with multiple consultant models

210406-Layer App-Revit Model Viewer-2-Permission Control

Permission Controls

Control who uploads models

Manage who can upload new models and save over existing ones

210406-Layer App-Revit Model Viewer-3-Version Control

Version Controls

View and revert to old models

View and manage elements between every version of the model


Can I use the Model Viewer on a Mac?

Yes. Use the Model Viewer on all desktop, mobile, and tablet devices. Download our iOS and Android apps here.

Does the Model Viewer work offline?

Yes, if you have uploaded and opened the model while connected to the internet. Model View must be open before going offline.

Can I upload Revit LT files?

Yes. Upload, view, and access Revit LT files with the full functionality of regular Revit files.

How much does the Model Viewer cost?

As little as $39/month! Compare Layer’s Essential Plan to the average Revit license which costs more than $300/month.

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Access the model without opening Revit

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