Room Data Sheet Example in Layer

Watch this short video to see Layer’s Room Data Sheet example project in action.

Key Points in the Room Data Sheet Example

In this 4-minute video, architect Zach Soflin, AIA, demonstrates an alternative to disconnected room data sheet processes like spreadsheets and InDesign.

Here are the 5 key takeaways:

→ Organize room data in one database. Collect room data like inspiration images, heating/cooling temps, acoustic data, etc. Everything is tagged by its location.

→ Estimate equipment and furnishings for each room. Calculate accurate costs for FF&E even as the design changes. Link to the Revit model for real-time accuracy.

→ View Revit data in Layer. Push model quantities and locations for rooms into Layer. Write room data back to the Revit model.

→ View room data in Revit. See room data right in Revit like desired square footage, heating/cooling load, acoustic treatment, layout images, and more.

→ Create custom deliverables. Layer automatically fills in room data into reports. Edit reports directly in Layer without copying into third-party software like InDesign. Export and share reports as PDF documents.

If you’d like to see how Layer can improve your room data sheet processes, schedule a short demo to get started →

With BIM (Building Information Modeling) on the rise for years now, Layer App finally delivers on the promise of putting the “I” in BIM.

At DMA Architects we are using data, linked to Revit models, in every aspect of design, coordination or survey part of our projects.

From heritage buildings to new construction, Layer App is working as a kit of parts to manage our data. It provides a highly flexible tool that adapts to your workflows and not the other way around.

Their staff are truly available and care about the outcome and success of your project.

— Olga Kerkhanidi, Architectural Technician, DMA Architects