Building Condition Assessment Template

Capture any kind of building condition data like photos, areas, and percentage grades. Know exactly what needs work with rich, detailed assessment reports made with our intuitive drag-and-drop report builder.

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Create & Collect

Document diverse sets of building conditions is more than 20+ flexible field types that are automatically linked to its location in the project.



Share & Collaborate

Upload files like photos, drawings, and maps that can be marked up and shared with team members.



Connect & Integrate

Link assessment data to existing Revit elements and search and find field data without leaving Revit.



Deliver & Report

Summarize everything with custom reports. Save standardized field data forms and report templates for your team to use any time.

What is a Building Condition Assessment?

A Building Condition Assessment is a detailed report that documents a building’s existing condition. Architects, preservation professionals, and facility teams collect and report the condition of the building’s structure, systems, and interior properties.

Clients and design teams use the report to assess and scope future design, preservation, or construction work.

Why use a Building Condition Assessment Template?

Creating a precise Building Condition Assessment report for architecture projects is crucial as it will impact the design, budget, and planning for construction.

Using a template for Building Condition Assessments will ensure that your entire team is documenting the same information consistently.

A Building Condition Assessment Template can help you: 

→ Document an existing building’s structure, systems, and interior spaces consistently
→ Plan a cost-effective strategy ahead of time for the renovation project
→ Create a trust-worthy point of reference across the team from design to construction

It takes experience to document the condition of existing buildings properly. Depending on your design intent, it’s important to understand which information matters. Watch more on documenting existing building conditions.

What does the Template include?

To provide a clear overview of the existing state of the building condition, this template includes Building Condition Assessment information such as:

→ Structural Grade
→ Exterior Enclosure Grade
→ Interior Construction
→ Mechanical Systems
→ Electrical Systems
→ Accessibility and more

Using the Building Conditions Assessment Template for Adaptive Reuse

Information from Building Condition Assessments can be valuable for adaptive reuse projects to determine whether the existing shell and core offer enough benefits to preserve the building.

For example, you must evaluate 4 main aspects of the building condition for adaptive reuse projects:

1. Structural integrity
2. Building envelope integrity
3. Surfaces and finish materials
4. MEP systems

Learn more about documenting adaptive reuse projects in our Introduction to Adaptive Reuse Architecture article.

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