FF&E Template

Use this FF&E template to organize and store data like vendors, photos, cut sheets, and pricing in one intuitive dashboard linked directly to Revit. Create client presentations and reports directly from Layer or Revit data.



Create & Collect

Customize and maintain a library of FF&E that can be linked to other related data like vendor directories, room data sheets, and Revit elements.



Share & Collaborate

Collaboratively markup documents, make comments, and assign tasks that are linked directly to elements like cut sheets, drawings, and product specifications.



Connect & Integrate

Connect FF&E types to the Revit model automatically and instantly see up-to-date quantities and locations of instances as the project progresses. Make it easy for non-Revit users to access Revit data without knowing or opening Revit.



Deliver & Report

Create simple presentations and export detailed reports with FF&E data in Layer without the need for third-party software.

What is FF&E?

FF&E stands for Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment and it generally includes items that are not permanently attached to a building and are removable when needed.

In the architecture and interior design realms, this term encompasses items that are not typically supplied or installed by the general contractor on a construction project.

Why Use a FF&E Template?

As architects and interior designers, we often use a FF&E Schedule to document all of the specifications during the design process. Depending on the firm, some like to include the FF&E Schedule in the Project Specifications, while some include it in their Construction Documents for procurement.

A FF&E Schedule can help you:

→ Organize all of the FF&E details in a written format
→ Give your client a clear presentation of your FF&E selections
→ Coordinate with vendors and manufacturers easily during FF&E Procurement

To stay organized, we need a simple and clear way to collect all our FF&E selections. That’s where this FF&E template comes in. The template is set up to let you collect all your data that needs to be included in an FF&E schedule in an easy to use format.

What Is Included in this FF&E Schedule Template?

There is quite a lot of information that needs to be included in an FF&E schedule, such as:

→ Photos or drawings of the item
→ Item code to reference on a plan
→ Location of where it’s being used in your project
→ Name and product number of the item
→ Manufacturer’s contact info
→ Correct measurements and sizes
→ Finish selection including colors, fabric, metal etc.
→ And more!

How do I use this Template?

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