Room Data Sheet Template

Capture a client’s program needs with photos, areas, FF&E counts, and more that can be linked to Revit. Summarize it all with custom reports made with our intuitive drag-and-drop report builder.

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Create & Collect

Capture any kind of room data like photos, measurements, and text. Search and find what you need instantly with contextual data tagging.



Share & Collaborate

Create and share markups and tasks linked directly to room data. Access everything, even room data from Revit, on any device, anywhere. Even when you’re offline.



Connect & Integrate

Connect room types to the Revit model and instantly see up-to-date quantities and locations of room instances as the project progresses. Sync room type data to Revit parameters on all related room instances automatically as the types change.



Deliver & Report

Create and export custom room data reports. Save standard survey forms and report templates for your team to use any time.

What is a Room Data Sheet?

A Room Data Sheet is a briefing tool that records what has been agreed upon for clients and contractors. It helps define requirements and archive periodical updates for each room.

They typically contain detailed information and requirements about a room or space, such as finishes, fixtures, furniture, equipment, MEP systems, and so forth.

Why Use a Room Data Sheet Template?

Most design professionals will work on more than one project in their career.

So, why start from scratch each time you start a new project?

Using a template for Room Data Sheets is a huge time saver that helps designers like you capture data consistently from project to project. Basically, think of this template as a company standard that can be customized for each project.

With a Room Data Sheet Template, you can:

→ Collect detailed information for each room in legible format
→ Communicate the design requirements of each room on a clear document
→ Record a client’s requirements and needs
→ Ensure that everyone on your team is collecting the same data consistently

What is Included in the Room Data Sheet Template?

To provide a clear overview of what goes into each room, we’ve included fields for information such as:

→ Room Type
→ Room Function
→ Net Assignable Area
 FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment)
→ Heating and Cooling
→ Ventilation and Air Conditioning
→ Acoustics
→ Finishes and more!

Information for Room Data Sheets may vary by the type of projects or requirements that the clients are looking for. For example, Room Data Sheet examples for new construction and renovation projects will differ. Learn more about Architectural Room Data Sheets.

How do I use this Template?

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