Introducing Layer, a Home for Your Building's Data

Introducing Layer, a Home for Your Building's Data

April 2, 2019 | Lincoln, Nebraska — Available today, Layer is a flexible data management app that encourages team collaboration and integrates directly with Revit. Layer makes it easy for architects, engineers, and building owners to manage project data, files, notes, and tasks from one intuitive workspace that organizes everything by its building context.

Layer’s robust feature set is designed for cross-disciplinary teams in every phase of the design and construction process regardless of geographic location. Layer can be used as a standalone app on any browser or device or as a Revit Add-in, providing users instant access to project data as they click through a Revit model. Features such as customizable fields, instant messaging, smart image recognition, and revision history, further differentiate Layer as an essential tool for AEC and building management professionals.

Layer was used in beta by the design team restoring the Nebraska State Capitol to successfully document and organize building data for more than 3,000 rooms and windows. Rather than choosing the typical workflow of keeping separate spreadsheets for data, separate file folders for photos, and long email chains and word documents for tasks and notes, the project team chose Layer. The app saved the team countless hours by syncing project data and centralizing communication into one easy-to-use dashboard that they could use on site while also working within the Revit model.

“Layer is a must-have tool for architects and building professionals looking to maximize efficiency,” says Zach Soflin, Layer’s Chief Operating Officer. He adds, “since Layer functions in real-time, project teams can record and access information instantly, whether they are in the office or onsite. The project teams who have used Layer have eliminated hours of redundant administrative work and, as a bonus, have created a value-added deliverable to offer the client at close-out.”

New users can test drive Layer with a 14-day free trial at Layer is priced per project with custom integration and enterprise solutions. Early bird pricing is available now through June 30, 2019. To schedule a demo and to view the full feature list with pricing, visit

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