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Well, the Layer team has plenty to share!

New Release!


Our development team has been heads down since the beginning of the year working on this release and the day is here to share it with the world! 

New features include Project Templates, enhanced search capabilities, and a brand new Company Admin Dashboard for managing your team.

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New Look, New Website!


Ready for some more good stuff? Well, we got an awesome new makeover and website thanks to the talented Zelkja Hassler, Tim Frisch, and Nicholas Petersen.

Check out the site now!

New Team Members!

Welcome Michael and Brendan! Major high fives to the newest members of the Layer team!

Michael Calkins joins Layer as our Director of Customer Success. With more than two decades of practicing as a licensed architect and building customer relationships at Bluebeam, Michael will lead our implementation and end-user training.

Brendan Owens is a soon-to-be graduate of the Raikes School who will add velocity and passion to Layer's development team. 

Lastly, we know that efficiency is a priority in these strange times.

We are working harder than ever to give you the tools to work smarter. 

If you've tried Layer before, we invite you to sign up again to enjoy another two weeks on us. Just contact us at to restart your free trial.

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