Join Layer for an Exclusive Demo with EntreArchitect

Join Layer for an Exclusive Demo with EntreArchitect

Are you a small firm architect or sole practitioner? Are you struggling with how to spend more time designing and less time sifting through administrative work? Or maybe you just want to manage your time more efficiently. 

We invite you to join Layer founder Zach Soflin, RA, for an exclusive demo of Layer with Mark LePage, AIA, of EntreArchitect on October 9th at 2pm EST on Facebook Live. Zach and Mark will discuss the key concepts of Layer and how it can be a powerful time-saving tool for small firm workflows, from file storage and project management to keeping small teams on one page. 

Mark LePage is a registered architect who has been practicing for more than 25 years with his firm Five Cat Studio. His vision of EntreArchitect™ is to be a great and enduring company by building and maintaining a growing and vibrant community of engaged small firm architects who are seeking success in business, leadership and life.

(Please note that you must be an architect or architecture student to join the EntreArchitect Facebook Group.)

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