Layer’s Year in Review

Layer’s Year in Review

We launched Layer in April and haven’t looked back! 

Here’s a quick list of our favorite moments since then:

1. Interviews with The Art of Construction and EntreArchitect Podcasts

Did you know that LaCroix is Zach’s favorite drink? We didn’t either, but since Zach shared his story with some of the industry’s top podcasters, he’s now getting a fridge full of it for his birthday.

Listen to Zach's The Art of Construction podcast >

Listen to Zach's EntreArchitect podcast >

2. Working with Dana Damewood

We all secretly loved getting our headshots taken and feeling like a celebrity by the one and only Dana Damewood.

3. Winning the IO Summit/LNK Launch Grant

Who doesn’t love validation? And validation from some of our favorite supporters in our hometown made us proud to be building something special for you. Read more about our IO Summit win >

4. Taco Tuesdays

While we’re working on creating the best platform for managing your building data, we’re also tracking who has the best guacamole in town. Find out who's currently in the lead >

5. Winning a "Best Product Design Award" from The Architect’s Newspaper

We were humbled by the honor from one of our favorite publications and thankful to be in such good company. Read more at The Architect's Newspaper >

6. Speaking at AIA Conference, BILT, AEC Tech Symposium, and more

It was an honor to speak to full houses at some of the most high profile events in the AECO industry. Nerves…What nerves? Watch Zach's AEC Tech Symposium presentation now >

7. Launching the Layer Revit Add-in 2.0

Our mission is to help our customers work as efficiently as possible. We’re grateful for all of the feedback from our customers and supporters who are helping us shape the future of data management in BIM. Get the Layer Revit Add-in 2.0 >

8. Demos, demos, and more demos!

Connecting with our customers has been by far our favorite part of this last year. We were humbled, inspired, and are super excited about what we’re bringing to you in 2020. Book your 2020 Layer demo >

From all of us at Layer, we wish you a happy and productive New Year and THANK YOU for your support!

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