Purchase Order Example in Layer

Watch this short video to see you can use Layer to create, process, and manage purchase orders right from Layer.

Key Points in the Purchase Order Example

In this 3-minute video, architect Zach Soflin, AIA, demonstrates an alternative to disconnected procurement tools like spreadsheets, emails, and calendar reminders.

Here are the 5 key takeaways:

→ Eliminate redundant documentation work. Link product specifications to your model in Layer and add quantities. No need to organize everything in a disconnected spreadsheet.

→ Search and find materials by room or other location. Everything in Layer is linked to its location in the building. No digging through file folders or emails.

→ View Revit data in Layer. Push model quantities and locations for rooms into Layer. 

→ View purchase order data in Revit. See PO status right in Revit so you can quickly know if things are on track.

If you’d like to see a live demo of the purchase order example project, schedule a short call to get started →

Layer made the documentation process so much easier. Without Layer App, it would have taken days of work just labeling and identifying pictures. We didn’t have that time and the result would have been a less accurate restoration.

— Stacy Loeffler, PE, SE, Principal

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