Architects, need more time to design?

Get project management software for architects linked directly to Revit.

Capture the data you need to design


Field Data

Captured Data Linked to Revit

No more documenting buildings in dead-end spreadsheets and docs.

Photos & Files

Unlimited File Storage

No more wasting time downloading and sorting photos and files.

Markups & Tasks

Collaborative PDF Markups

No more searching for edits buried in emails and text messages.

Then access it all, right in Revit


Building Surveys

Capture once and with accuracy

Document diverse conditions in the field that teams can view instantly back at the office.


BIM Coordination

Streamline stakeholder interactions

Collaborate and coordinate with multidisciplinary teams around a model without knowing Revit.



View cut sheets right in Revit

Manage FF&E all linked directly to your Revit model or floorplans. 


Punch Lists

Document issues with efficiency

Create mobile-friendly reports that can be exported, shared, or viewed right in Revit. 

How valuable is your project data?

The average architect wastes 6 hours a week looking for lost data.

Don’t be average. Use Layer.

See how others in your industry do more with Layer!

With Layer, my work is MUCH easier. For example, on this project I have ±300 points that I transferred within 30 minutes. But it only needed to transfer one time. That’s it. Everything’s connected!

- BIM Manager & Technologist Olga Kerkhanidi

“I am not a tech person at all, but I was able to easily set up forms in Layer. Normally, with any new tool, we think about the time it takes to train someone. With Layer, we didn’t have to train our team. It was very easy to start using.

- Jamie Matthys, Principal, Director of Strategic Planning

“The more streamlined you make the process, the better. That's why we like Layer. Layer has an uncomplicated dashboard. Layer’s support team has helped us speed up the time it takes us to accomplish our goals.”

- Roy Carroll, Healthcare Architect

“Layer App maximized our efficiency. You wouldn’t believe how much time you spend looking for photos and notes until you don’t have to anymore. Data collected for a project is only valuable if it is accessible. With Layer, the information was always in front of us.

- Adam Sitzmann, Project Architect

Simplify your tech stack with Layer App

Mac & PC Friendly Markups

Drawing View & Markups

Make markups and annotations that are linked directly to Revit. Made for building surveys, field reports, and punch lists.

Smarter Meeting Minutes

Text Editor with Smart Tags

Manage projects without knowing Revit with text docs that make it easy to tag Revit elements, Layer data, and people.

Flexible, Intuitive & Mobile

Mobile & Tablet Friendly

Use Layer App on iOS or Android devices, in the app or in the browser.

Offline Capabilities

Capture field data and photos on the go, wherever you go, even without WiFi.

Revit Integration

Link field data, photos, and markups to the model without knowing or opening Revit.

Custom Reports

Create robust reports with custom logos and drawing thumbnail annotations.