Access building data right in Revit

Connect the field data and photos that architects need to design to BIM.

Cloud Based Common Data Environment for BIM



Fast, Efficient Field Data

Teams can easily capture building survey data and photos in the field without clipboards


Access Information Fast

Teams can access and edit survey data instantly in Revit without switching between programs


Make BIM Accessible

Get everyone on your team up to speed in real-time regardless of their knowledge of BIM


Two Way Navigation

Instant access to captured field data

Select any Layer element and see its location in Revit with bilateral navigation between Revit and Layer


Synced Parameters

Push field data into Revit

Let non-Revit users edit Revit elements, like door and furniture schedules, in Layer without needing to know Revit


Revit Model Viewer

Access the model from anywhere

Give everyone access to the Revit model and its data with a model viewer that works on any device, from anywhere


Multiple Models

Work seamlessly with big teams

Manage complex projects from one dashboard with the ability to add multiple Revit models to a Layer project at any time

Work smarter in Revit with Layer

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Smarter site visits

Capture rich field data and photos consistently in one channel that you can view and edit right in Revit


Photo Capture


Custom Forms


Markup Tools


Design and document projects in one channel

Keep the information you need to design connected to Revit with instant access to captured field data, photos, and team communication


Layer References in Revit


Two Way Navigation in Revit


Smart Docs


Trusted by your industry peers

With Layer, my work is MUCH easier. For example, on this project I have ±300 points that I transferred within 30 minutes. But it only needed to transfer one time. That’s it. Everything’s connected!

- BIM Manager & Technologist Olga Kerkhanidi

“Layer made documenting this project so much more efficient. If we had any questions, we were able to search by barcode or component type and see exactly where each item was located within the building plan.”

- Sage Curtis, Project Coordinator

“Layer App maximized our efficiency. You wouldn’t believe how much time you spend looking for photos and notes until you don’t have to anymore. Data collected for a project is only valuable if it is accessible. With Layer, the information was always in front of us.

- Adam Sitzmann, Project Architect

“Layer saves us a ton of time for reporting. We weren’t writing up each individual deficiency in a separate document. This makes a huge difference when we have to document hundreds of items.”

- Daniel Meyer, Apex Engineers