Healthy properties and happy tenants

Layer makes it easy to manage your properties like a pro.

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Capture the data you need to design


1. Capture

Document move-in and move-out conditions in one app that keeps everyone accountable.

2. Access

Access and store important lease documents in one dashboard that’s accessible from anywhere.

3. Forecast

Track maintenance patterns and target issues before they become major problems.

A Powerful Toolkit for Working with Tenants


 layer-app-icon-feature-1-best-cmms-aeco-software-photo-capture Photo Capture

Access your photos fast with smart photo capture that keeps everything organized with its related documents.

layer-app-icon-feature-2-best-cmms-aeco-software-custom-forms Public Forms

Keep maintenance requests out of the inbox with one seamless channel between end-users and maintenance staff.

layer-app-icon-feature-7-best-cmms-aeco-software-file-upload File Uploader

Stop searching for important documents and stay organized with one central source of truth that’s accessible anywhere.

layer-app-icon-feature-4-best-cmms-aeco-software-task-manager-1 Task Manager

Get more out of your property and stay on top of regular maintenance work with task reminders and notifications.

Trusted by your industry peers

“Innovative and Sleek” 

Best Products of 2020

Architect Magazine

“I found Layer to be a well-designed application that is very intuitive to use. While it can be used as a standalone application, the Revit add-in is a huge plus for projects that are modeled in Revit.”

- Lachmi Khemlani, PhD, AEC Bytes 

“Layer is one of the smartest applications I’ve seen in years, making great use of modern technologies in both modern hardware and software, offering a flexible project management system that works from design, construction, down to operations phases.”

- Anthony Frausto-Robledo, AIA, LEED AP


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