Reduce redundant coordination work

Layer is the Revit-integrated solution for busy Interior Designers Schedule.

Flexible Forms

Organize every piece of design data

Build a custom database that makes it easy to click between drawings, photos, cut sheets, pricing, and more!


Connect design data to the Revit model

Create a two-way connection between design data and model data with our Revit Add-in. Access everything anytime, even on mobile.


Report room data without InDesign

Use our drag-and-drop report interface to build custom docs with design data and Revit data that are shareable with anyone.

A flexible software for interior designers



Capture and organize any kind of design data. Drawings. Photos. Cut Sheets. Pricing. All in one intuitive database.


Enjoy a two-way connection between Layer data and Revit. Access model data without opening Revit.


Create custom reports and presentations directly from Layer and Revit data. No compiling in InDesign necessary. 

Trusted by your industry peers

“Layer became a communication line for our younger designers to communicate with the lead designers about projects. It simplified the onboarding process for new team members who can easily learn KSA’s standards and workflow by flipping through a Layer project.”

- Sara Lasseter
President, KSA Interiors

“Our FF&E projects and clients require a high level of coordination and detailed customized approaches. Layer allows my team to be flexible and adaptable to suit these varying needs, no matter the project.”

- Louise Cupac, Plus Parts

With Layer, my work is MUCH easier. For example, on this project I have ±300 points that I transferred within 30 minutes. But it only needed to transfer one time. That’s it. Everything’s connected!

- BIM Manager & Technologist Olga Kerkhanidi

“Layer is great for my projects! helps keep everything organized in one place.”

- Kelley O'Leary, Interior Designer