An Introduction to Furniture Schedules

Furniture schedules at their basis, are a list of furniture for a specific project. This guide will explain the concept and why they are so important...

Construction Administration

How to create a more effective RFI process

Efficient management of RFIs is critical to project success. However, this process is often overlooked. This guide will explain the ins and outs of...

Equipment Inventory Survey

An Introduction to Equipment Inventory Surveys

An equipment survey is a systematic process undertaken to catalog, assess, and document all specified systems in a building. This guide will walk you...

Project Handover

The Architect’s Guide to Project Handoff

Your design team needs to engage in a project handoff with the owner operator team. The Architect's Guide to Project Handoff will walk you through...

Construction Administration

An Intro to Project Controls in the AEC Industry

In construction, the unexpected is common, but never welcome. The root cause is often poor communication. According to KPMG, 82% of owners would like...

Workflow Guides

The FF&E Process Explained

This guide for architects & interior designers will walk you through the FF&E process as well as strategies for delivering FF&E projects more...

Workflow Guides

The Interior Design Process Explained

In this article, we'll explain everything you need to know about the Interior Design Process including the goals, deliverables and tools.

Workflow Guides

The Architect's Guide to Project Kickoff

Learn how to set your project team up for success with The Architect's Complete Guide to Project Kickoff for architects and designers.


Navigating Local Architectural Requirements

Navigating local requirements can be time consuming and confusing.In this workflow guide, we will discuss tips and tricks to understanding local...

Workflow Guides

How to Connect FF&E to Revit Workflows

Layer makes it easy to connect FF&E to Revit workflows. Designers and specifiers who don't know Revit can complete Revit schedules using Layer.


Layer App Dynamo Package by e-verse

Navigating local requirements can be time consuming and confusing.In this workflow guide, we will discuss tips and tricks to understanding local...

Architectural Design Process

The Architectural Design Process Explained

In this article, you'll learn about the five phases of the architectural design process and answer the question: what do architects do?

The Layer Guide to Property Inspections

This guide will walk you through what a property inspection is, how they are typically conducted, and share insights on how property inspections are...

Workflow Guides

Room Data Sheets in 10 Easy Steps

Here’s a quick tutorial for using Layer to efficiently create and manage Room Data Sheets

Workflow Guides

Faster Facility Audits in 9 Easy Steps

Here’s a quick tutorial for architects, designers, and Revit users to use Layer to take faster Facility Audits that can connect directly to Revit.

Quick Bytes

Introducing Quick Bytes

We're combining our love for project data and our love for food by introducing Quick Bytes, tips & tricks for architects and Revit users. Read more >

Architectural Design Process

The Building Survey Process Explained

This workflow guide explains what a building survey is, and the typical process an architect, engineer, or other AEC surveyor will follow.


Best Revit Add-ins for Architects

In this article, we explore the best Revit Add-ins for architects. We'll define the what, why, and where to access them.

Product Updates

[VIDEO] Layer's NEW UI is here!

Smarter, faster, and more intuitive. Say hello to the Layer's new UI, built to help architects and designers access their building data even faster.


Zach Soflin, AIA, to Speak at BIM BOP 2021

Join Layer App’s founder Zach Soflin, AIA, at USC's BIM BOP 2021 virtual tech conference on Friday, June 25th session starting at 1pm CT.

Architect Magazine

Top Architecture Firms Database

Find out which architecture firms consistently ranked in the Architect 50 year over year for the past 10 years.

Quick Bytes

Quick Byte #2: Plan ahead

Learn how to set your project up for success by planning ahead before going on-site with Quick Bytes, AECO Workflow tips & tricks with Layer App.

Layer List

Best Podcasts for Architects

Discover the best podcasts for architects with some of the Layer App team's favorite shows that provide inspiration, instruction, and a little escape.

Architect Magazine

Layer is featured in Architect Magazine

The Layer App and Revit Add-in are featured in Architect Magazine May 2020 issue highlighting a select group of the AEC industry's most innovative...


Layer: How It All Began

Read how Layer solves one of the biggest problems facing the AEC industry today.


AEC Bytes Reviews Layer

We are thrilled to share this thoughtful and thorough review of Layer by leading BIM publication AEC Bytes. Editor Lachmi Khemlani does an excellent...


Join Layer at APT International in Miami

Layer will be at APT International in Miami this week to connect with the AECO industry's top preservational professionals. Stop by the Layer Booth...


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